Types of Toilet Paper Holders

There are many different types of toilet paper holders that you can use for your restroom and your home or place of business like – recessed, free standing, pedestal, or even mounted. All of these kinds of toilet paper holders can be found made of and finished in may different materials that will go great with any bathroom décor.

Ceramic Toilet Paper Holders

Using ceramic toilet paper holders will give your restroom that cool and easy ambience that you are looking for. There are many different kinds of ceramic holders that you can purchase like recessed, free standing, pedestal, and mounted.

Iron Toilet Paper Holders

If you want a long lasting look in your bathroom then iron toilet paper holders are for you the iron holder comes in all the kinds listed above but are often found in very unique designs like leafs, vines, fruit, and many other great designs to go with any décor.

Antique Toilet Paper Holders

Trying to add an antique look to any room can sometimes be a long quest but for you restroom there are many different types and designs of antique toilet paper holders that you can find online. If you are having difficulty try brass or bronze toilet paper holders.

Wooden Toilet Paper Holders

Wooden toilet paper holders are an excellent choice for any home. Wood will give you more of a comfort down home feel to your bathroom and you wont have to worry about rust. The designs that come in wood can vary greatly from elegant to rustic – with wood there is a design for any décor.

Bear Toilet Paper Holders

There are many different designs for bear toilet paper holders – there is one for every type of décor. These holders can give restroom sort of an wildlife look – that is synonymous with the bathroom for many of us.

Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Holders

Wrought iron toilet paper holder will go great in any restroom and will last a lifetime. Wrought iron accessories are very popular not only can they be used for many parts in your water closet like – towel bar, robe hooks, shower curtain, but there are many wrought iron accessories that you can but for your home.