Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

A recessed toilet paper holder is the best way to save space or help organize your bathroom. Most recessed paper holders can come with other recessed features like a magazine rack which will help keep your restroom looking cleaner.

The bathroom can sometimes be one of the smallest rooms in the house and is also responsible for holding many necessary and important items. Along with your recessed toilet paper holder you can also have recessed cabinets to match and can help you organize all the extra stuff you keep in you bathroom. Some homes have special recessed holders with magazine holders built in. You might have noticed these types of holders at commercial business.

These special holders are interchangeable and come with many options for you to try. This type of recessed toilet paper holder can come with a news paper holder, magazine holder, or even place to put garbage, medicine, and tissue paper all in one.

Recessed toilet paper holders come in many different types of finishes that will match any décor. To have a more unique feature in your bathroom you can install a glass door to your recessed system or frame a fancy molding around it to help give your restroom the beautiful ambience you are looking for.

If you are worried about the installation of a recessed toilet paper holder there are many kits out there that you can buy that make installation easy. But if you don’t want to install anything into your bathroom try using a pedestal toilet paper holder instead – but if you are looking to save space the recessed holder is for you.