Pedestal Toilet Paper Holders

Pedestal Toilet Paper Holders are free standing toilet paper holders that hold the roll as high as it normally would be on the wall as apposed to a free standing toilet paper holder that is a base with a pole that you stack the rolls on. You may be asking yourself – Why would someone need a pedestal toilet paper holder?

The biggest reason you would need one of these is because – you may not be able to install a holder on the wall, or a wall may not be close enough to the toilet – which is common with bigger bathrooms or after restroom remodels. Sometimes if the bathroom is to small one of these could come in handy to place the holder in a different place than where it was originally built in. Some like to use it just for something different. Also this type of toilet paper holder is very stylish compared to the base and pole model.

The pedestal toilet paper holder is in-style and comes with a weighted base to keep it from falling over. Its stands approximately two feet from the base and some use this type of holder to keep an extra roll close to the toilet even if they have a wall mounted holder.

This pedestal type holder is a great idea for the new open style restrooms use in more new age homes, condominiums, and apartments. This new stylish pedestal holder is considered to be the best alternative to wall mounted holders.

Most pedestal toilet paper holders have steel construction and a chrome finish that will go with any bathroom d├ęcor – but can come in many different finishes and be made out different metals like copper or wrought iron.