Free Standing Toilet Paper Holders

It’s the lesser things that get forgotten when you are doing a big project like a restroom remodel and yet some of the small things can end up being really significant. Who pays any attention to where the toilet paper holder is going to get placed when they start a redesign project for their bathroom?

So after many of us have completely remodeled our bathroom – we realize – there is no place to put the toilet paper holder! This is a nightmare that has come to be true for many of us. Now once you have came out of a intense sweat and steadied down and began to think calmly about the job. You relize – there is zero room on the wall around the potty.

This is a terrible problem – what will you do? You can affixed the toilet paper holder on the side of your bathtub – which is in reach of the toilet, but that will not be very convenient being that low to the floor and it would destroy the nice new bathtub that you just picked out.

Standing Toilet Paper Holders

At this point you could just give in and keep the toilet paper on top of the toilet or leave it on the floor but thats not going to be very stylish. Now your are wondering what to do. You need a free standing toilet paper holder.

Toilet Paper Holder Stand

This will be the perfect solution. I can see you thinking – Why haven’t you seen this before. A toilet paper holder stand – they can be made of brass or bronze with a wooden or metal shaft and it will look better than any holder that you mounted on the wall. The free standing toilet paper holder is very versatile and useful solution to the problem of offering a toilet paper holder when there is no favorable place to screw one in.