Toilet Paper Holders

Since the beginning of time and technology indoor plumbing namely the indoor flushable toilet is one of the most celebrated technological advances and with such joy that comes with indoor plumbing many other luxuries have come about over the years like Toilet Paper Holders.

Toilet Paper Roll Holders

Toilet paper roll holders over the years have come in many different unique designs made to match any restroom d├ęcor you can think of but out of all the different designs most toilet paper holders are a horizontal axle recessed into the wall, a piece of wire horizontally mounted on a hinge, a free standing vertical pole with a base, mounted on a free standing frame horizontally, or vertical axle recessed into the wall.

Bathroom Toilet Paper Holders

For your home bathroom toilet paper holder there are many other types of toilet paper holders you can choose from to give your bathroom that special ambience necessary for an enjoyable experience like – brass, free standing, recessed, pedestal, bronze, ceramic, iron, antique, wooden, and bear toilet paper holders are available.

Commercial Toilet Paper Holders

When we visit a new location like restaurants, hotels, or even shopping malls one thing that judge first about them is there restrooms. Many of us will not revisit somewhere if we had an unpleasant restroom experience. The worst of all bad restroom experiences is when they have ran out of toilet paper. The good news is most new businesses are equipped with deluxe commercial toilet paper holders that help prevent nightmares like running out of toilet tissue.